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06-Apr-2018 07:23

Towa also chooses not to brainwash Cooler for the same reasons and Cooler himself even suggests that the reason he was assisting his brother against Goku was to repay her for transporting him to the Battle on Planet Namek in Age 762 allowing him to take revenge on SSJ Goku.

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This shows that like her brother (when he convinced Babidi to turn Vegeta into a Majin to revive Majin Buu), she is perceptive enough to use those with evil hearts to accomplish her goals, though in her case she simply allows them to indulge themselves in seeking revenge on Goku for the purpose of wreaking havoc.

While Towa is shown to think highly of Mira (to the point she chooses to marry and have a child with him in Dragon Ball Online), she becomes disgusted with herself when he is captured and sealed by Xeno Bardock, though she later decides to free him using Tokitoki's Egg, which ironically leads to her downfall.

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