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26-Oct-2018 14:57

With an estimated 100 million pieces of debris orbiting the earth it’s clear: Space has a junk problem. K.’s Surrey Space Centre for a behind-the-scenes look at a new device that it hopes is a cost-effective solution.Preparations for the legal fight over AT&T’s billion Time Warner takeover suggest the antitrust case will focus heavily on the small screen, drawing much of its evidence from the companies’ video rivals.Now his job as a pediatric lung specialist keeps him from putting in the time to acquire new customers.And a downturn in landline sales has hurt business.Don’t miss: This is the vintage technology some companies are using to store your data Yet buyers have been eager enough not only to keep Woodbury’s operation afloat but allow it to thrive, even enough to support a four-person staff.Revenue, he says, can hit 50,000 Canadian dollars (roughly US,000) in a good month, and though he doesn’t track long-term growth, he says that sales have shown a consistent year-to-year increase since the beginning.Woodbury’s customers are both “repeat buyers; people who are going through their collection and want to upgrade, so they’ll come to us to order the one part they need,” he says, and “a lot of one-offs, where someone Googles us because they need parts.” Typically, Woodbury gets his inventory from individuals or estates looking to liquidate their collections.

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Soon customers were asking to purchase the vintage models.

The market for these phones would seem pretty small to build a business on.

Two groups—the Antique Telephone Collectors Association and Telephone Collectors International—have only 1,125 members total.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, editorial page editor Paul Gigot became concerned and contacted security officials at the paper when Rago didn’t show up to work on Thursday.

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“It is with a heavy heart that we confirm the death of Joseph Rago, a splendid journalist and beloved friend,” Gigot said in a statement.

Many small companies have done very well by selling niche products that have long since been put out to pasture, whether it’s vinyl records, typewriters or anything else that captures people’s fancy.