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The im- minent publication of articles by these historians, plus pressure on the Polish government by a Polish public who desired the truth and the Polish government's pressure on the Soviet government, led Moscow to admit Soviet responsibility for the crime on 13 April 1990, after a cover-up that lasted half a century (1940-1990).

The Soviet, then Rus- sian, investigation of the Katyn crime began in 199 1, and on 14 Octo- ber 1992, Boris Yeltsin, president of the Russian Federation, made public the contents of the special "Packet no.

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Yale University Press wishes to acknowledge the contribution of the editorial boards of the Russian and Polish volumes of Katyn documents in cooperation with whom we are publishing this volume. Lebedeva Nelli Petrosova Vladimir Volkov (deceased) Vladimir A. Yakovlev, preface to Katyn: Plenniki Neobiavlennoi Voiny Be faithful to the truth and to its transmission, for truth endures; truth will not go away. Pope John Paul II Contents Preface ix Note on the Documents xv Notes on Russian Transliteration and Polish Pronunciation xx List of Abbreviations and Acronyms xxii part i.

Smith, Keith Young, Jeremiah Milbank, and the David Woods Kemper Memorial Foundation.

Olin Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the Historical Research Foundation, Roger Milliken, the Rosentiel Foundation, Lloyd H.

Separate English and Russian editions will be pre- pared. Janina Gellert's photographs of the Polish War Cemetery at Katyn in 2004 — for which I thank her — and for sending me the photograph of the memorial tablet for two Polish offi- cers, the older one of whom was his father, artillery captain Ludwik Pierikowski, from the Polish War Cemetery in Kharkov.

Lebedeva, and Wojciech Mater ski ANNALS OF COMMUNISM Each volume in the series Annals of Communism will publish selected and previously inaccessible documents from former Soviet state and party archives in a narrative that develops a particular topic in the history of Soviet and in- ternational communism. Mironenko, director, State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF) O. I also wish to thank him for identifying persons in the pho- tographs, for providing Dr.

I am grateful to Professor Inessa Yazhborov- skaia, a Russian political scientist, for sending me a copy of the book on the Katyn "syndrome" in Soviet-Polish and Russian-Polish rela- tions that she edited with the assistance of a former Russian prosecutor in the Russian Katyn investigation and a Russian historian of Poland. Tadeusz Pierikowski of Warsaw for sending me copies of his valuable articles on Katyn and especially for his help in securing photographs of ex- humation work at Kharkov and Mednoe from the Katyn Museum, Warsaw.