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(To learn more about the benefits -- and dangers -- of online therapy, see Therapy From a Distance and When Cybertherapy Goes Bad) "It's like fire," says Zebulon Taintor, MD, chair of the American Psychiatric Association's committee on telemedical services.

"It can heat your house or burn it down." For Steele, the advantages clearly outweighed the risks.

"The housebound patient will be able to receive care on a regular basis.

Therapy will be conducted (via email or chat rooms) with remote or extended family members located thousands of miles from each other." Despite these predictions, online therapy remains controversial.

Even though he wasn't physically present, he was a huge presence in my life." Ainsworth decided to help others locate reputable online therapists, so she created a consumers guide, "ABCs of Internet Therapy" at her web site,

The site lists 250 online therapists and provides notes about their credentials.

Conflicts in intimate relationships often result from gaps in communication, and lead to considerable stress that spills over into other areas of life, impacting one’s peace of mind and day-to-day performance.

OK, so we all know that sex is something that should come naturally, but what if it doesn't?

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Or, if the problem may be caused by an underlying medical issue, you’ll need to see your GP. It shouldn’t be, but of course some GPs aren’t very good at dealing with more personal issues.You can also keep a written record of your therapist's advice for future reference by saving copies of the messages you exchange.