How to stop powerdvd updating

08-Jun-2017 13:24

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Power DVD is the must-have companion for PCs and home entertainment systems.

What's worse is that I purchased Power DVD in November 2009, meaning I had less than 18 months of trouble free use(! Their latest version of Power DVD is 5, and Lord knows how long that would function for...!

Seeing how I legally own a Bluray player, and genuine Bluray discs, is there not any way I can manually update the AACS keys for Power DVD myself??

I would not go so far as to say it's not illegal.

Unless it is marked on the box or indicated in the description at the time of purchase, they are selling a blu-ray player that is reasonably assumed to play iso standard discs.

You will get your AACS keys updated for you for free -- you don't need to keep buying a new Play Station 3 every 18 months!My legally purchased copy of Power DVD is refusing to play Bluray discs made after a certain date: Astonishingly, this is "standard practice" for all versions of Power DVD.In my case, this means that many Blurays produced after May 2011 no longer work with my player.If you cannot find the update for your bundled Cyber Link software, please contact the hardware maker or supplier.

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